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Navigation - Top right corner:  Click Home for the Interdivision Services introductory page, Employee for the Welcome page for IDEs and Volunteer for the Welcome page and links to the Volunteers site.

Navigation - Left panel:  Click any topic for that page to display within the frame.  Clicking some of the options below ADMINISTRATORS will give a drop-down of further options.  Another click will close the drop-down.  If the LOGIN box appears in the left panel, enter your username and password and click the green LOGIN button.  The left panel with re-display with further options that you are permitted to use.

Logout by Clicking the Logout link at the top just to the right of the left frame.  Closing Internet Explorer will also log you out of the application.

Change your password at any time by clicking the Change Password link at the top just to the right of the left frame.

Links at the bottom of the screen correspond to options on the left frame.  In addition, the link is to the official Seventh-day Adventist web site.  There may also be a link to enable you to Report a bug / change request.  Clicking on the ? buttons on the pop-up screen will give further help on this feature.